Configuring your stream

Before streaming, you will need to configure AutoDJ to stream to your SHOUTcast server. To do this, click the configure link on the top menu.

Required fields

Server IP
This is where you enter the IP or host name of the SHOUTcast server that you wish to stream to.

Server Port
Enter the port number of the server that you wish to stream to.

Stream Password
This is the password that you have configured your server with.

Optional fields

Stream Title
The title that you enter here will be displayed on the SHOUTcast DNAS admin page, the stream directory at and will be displayed to your listeners in their player when the log on to your stream.

Stream URL
This will be displayed in the SHOUTcast directory as a link. It will also be displayed on the SHOUTcast DNAS admin page.

Enter the genre of your stream, this is required if you wish to be listed on the SHOUTcast directory. You can specify multiple genres but try not to enter too many.

Shuffle Playlist
Plays your MP3s in a random order.

Encode MP3s
This option encodes your MP3s to the bitrate, sample rate and channels as specified below. This is also useful if all of your MP3s are at a higher bitrate than your host allows you to stream at, for example you can upload 128k MP3s and set them to play at 64k.

Stream Bitrate
This is the bitrate that MP3s are encoded to. If you disable encoding (see above) then your MP3s won't be encoded. This also defines the bitrate shown on your SHOUTcast DNAS and directory.

This is the number of channels to stream at (in other words stereo or mono). If encoding is disabled then this will make no difference to your stream.

Stream Sample Rate
This is the sample rate to stream at if encoding is enabled. If you are unsure about this then we recommend using the default option (Auto) and the system will use the best sample rate.

This option will mix your MP3s into eachother. This is a useful feature to discourage stream rippers and gives your stream a more professional sound. You can crossfade up to 10 seconds. 'Encode MP3s' must be set to 'Yes' for this feature to work.

Public Server
When set as a public server, your stream will be listed in the SHOUTcast directory at

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